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In Focus: All the Reasons Why DaraGon is a Ship That We'll Never Abandon

In Focus: All the Reasons Why DaraGon is a Ship That We'll Never Abandon


When it comes to shipping idols together, it's safe to say that there's one ship in the K-pop industry that's a decade old but is still going strong. We're talking about royalties G-Dragon and Dara, whosr "relationship" has been keeping us up with wonder for more than ten years now. Almost everyone wants them to be together, and although there's been a lot of hints that proved that they're surely dating IRL, their fandom "Applers" still haven't gotten the confirmation they want. 

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Their friendship started in 2005 when Dara left the Philippines and went to South Korea to train under YG Entertainment, wherein GD was also a trainee at the time. GD was one of Dara's first friends in the industry, and revealed once in an interview that he saved her from a game where she was supposed to eat a chili pepper; GD volunteered to do it, as long as Dara will dance "In or Out" in front of him! How adorbs is that?

In every interview, fans also noticed that whenever they describe their ideal type, it always seems like they're describing each other! Also, the two were continuously seen wearing similar clothes, which is something Korean couples usually do when they want the public to know that they're dating. 

After spending almost two years in the military, G-Dragon had his first public appearance at an event celebrating the release of his collaboration with Nike—the PEACEMINUSONE x Air Force 1 line called Para-Noise. Of course, you'd expect every significant person in GD's life to be there. And yup, Dara's one of them! She didn't leave the event empty-handed; she posted on Instagram showing she didn't just get one but three pairs of personalized shoes from him!

Even if there's a possibility that they're not dating at all, moments like this are enough for us to feel kilig and thankful that their ship exists! If you want to know the reasons why we're not letting go of this decade-old ship, check out our gallery!

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