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In Focus: Chung Myung vs. Chan Seong—Which Oppa Would You Fall For?

In Focus: Chung Myung vs. Chan Seong—Which Oppa Would You Fall For?


You can't fight us on this: Hotel Del Luna is the best K-drama of 2019, and that's that. Even if we set aside the skyrocketing ratings, the unique plot and endearing characters alone will capture every K-drama-loving heart like no other. 

Although the story revolved around the rebel from the Goguryeo era named Jang Man Wol who was cursed to be the owner of a hotel for lost souls called Hotel Del Luna, the drama gave a chance for us to understand the other characters, too! Two of the characters that gave us bittersweet feels were Chung Myung and Chan Seong A.K.A. Man Wol's love interests.

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Chung Myung and Chan Seong both won Man Wol's heart, yet they're so different from one another. Jang Man Wol met Chung Myung during the Goguryeo era, and it's safe to say that he's her first love. When they first met each other, Chung Myung instantly fell for her. Even though he's a soldier and Man Wol was a rebel, he made sure that he got to spend a lot of time with her by joining her escapades. Although some of the things Man Wol had done were unquestionably wrong, he let her be herself because that's how much he loved her. They're both dangerous people, which led them to have an intense and exciting relationship! 

Chan Seong, on the other hand, is a total opposite of Man Wol and Chung Myung. Since Chan Seong is a straightforward and logical person, he didn't like Man Wol at first because she's self-centered. But as time goes by, the've become each other's strength and support. What we love most about their relationship is how consistent Chan Seong is in showing how much he loves her. From always waiting for her to come back to staying with until her last moments, he's there to take care of her. Due to their differences, there's a lot of times that they needed to compromise for one another, but they made it work and helped each other to become a better person.

Although we know who Man Wol chose in the end, these two guys loved her wholeheartedly. But if you were our heroine, who would you pick? Are you more attracted to the brave soldier from the Goguryeo era or the handsome hotel manager of Hotel Del Luna? Swipe through our gallery above, and we'll help you decide! 

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