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Love Actually: Andi Eigenmann And Philmar Alipayo Prove That Opposites Do Attract

Love Actually: Andi Eigenmann And Philmar Alipayo Prove That Opposites Do Attract

As we all know, actress Andi Eigenmann moved to Siargao to get away from life’s hustle and bustle and live a more peaceful life. There at the surfing capital of the Philippines, she met champion surfer Philmar Alipayo, the father of her second child Keliana Alohi or Lilo and also the acting dad of Andi's daughter Ellie. Andi went public with their romance late last year on social media, where netizens quickly pointed out they seem to be an odd pairing due to what onlookers called were "differences."

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“As soon as I posted it on social media, it was inevitable for us to get negative criticism because ‘we’re not bagay’ because ‘I’m maganda’ and ‘I come from a high profile family’ and he’s ‘just a person from the island,’” Andi said at the launch of the #LoveRules exhibit by CloseUp Philippines.

She stressed, however, that when it comes to true love, people should go beyond wealth and appearance. “The right man for you shouldn’t be measured by how secure his future is or what he can give you. I can give that to myself. All that matters to me is that he has ambition, he has dreams, and we can work on that together,” she declared, adding that nothing compares to the relationship they have formed. “I connected with him like I did with nobody else—with any of those they said I was ‘bagay’ with.”

As a strong statement, Andi says fighting for love turned out to be one of the best decisions she's ever made. “It was a search for happiness. It was trying to figure out where and what I should do to be happy,” she continued. “It was because of me being brave to love that I found the happiness that I have now, so if you don’t do that, you’ll never know.”

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