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In Focus: This MNL48 Member Might Just be KathNiel's Child in Another Life!

In Focus: This MNL48 Member Might Just be KathNiel's Child in Another Life!


If you're a die-hard KathNiel fan, you've probably daydreamed about how they'd end up together and build a family of their own. And, with their good looks, perhaps it's safe to say that Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla will also have a stunning baby! Well, it looks like we can already have a glimpse of their future child in the form of 17-year-old Gabrielle Skribikin A.K.A. Gabb, a first-generation member of the girl group MNL48. With her morena beauty, high cheekbones, and adorable eyes, we can't deny that she looks a lot like Kath and DJ!

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Their fandom MNLove even have this theory that she's from the future and just traveled back to meet her parents while they're young. Just by looking at her, it might just be true! People admire her because of her androgynous beauty which earned her the nickname "Marupok Smash," meaning she has the power to get everyone's attention with her visuals.

Another thing that fans love about Gabb is how she doesn't let her disability (she can't hear from her right ear) stop her from reaching her dreams. She's currently the new center of the group for their 5th single, so we will see more of her very soon! But for now, we gathered some of our favorite photos of her that prove she might just be KathNiel's daughter in another life! 

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