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Cheat Sheet: Top Beauty Secrets We Learned From Dani Barretto-Panlilio's Vlogs

Cheat Sheet: Top Beauty Secrets We Learned From Dani Barretto-Panlilio's Vlogs

One of the things we love about Dani Barretto as a vlogger? She's very open—especially when it comes to her beauty secrets. And thankfully she is, as the 26 year old influencer and now Mrs. Xavi Panlilio has some tricks that are very informative and empowering—from how she keeps her skin moisturized to how she maintains her glow.

Marjorie Barretto's firstborn and now the new mom to Millie Panlilio often wears light, natural makeup and has no qualms showing her barefaced skin. "(I'm) not really the foundation type of girl. I always go for the natural and fresh look everyday," she captioned in one post, highlighting how she prioritizes having a good skin.

Keep reading below to find out more of Dani's beauty tips that you can apply to your own routine.

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Invest on a facial brush.

Dani uses a facial brush to deeply cleanse her face, using it to remove dead skin cells, excess oil, and dirt, and to improve the circulation on the face. “Right after, my skin feels fresh and soft,” she revealed in one of her vlogs. Take note, though, that it is recommended to use this tool once or twice a week so your skin won't dry out.

Moisturize with aloe vera.

“I use this to moisturize my face as well because my skin is very dry,” Dani said in a post, where she used a tub of aloe vera. She, who then revealed having an eczema-prone skin and skin asthma, later added. "I do everything for my skin to stay moisturized. I just put the aloe all around my face just, you know, massage it until mag dry." But even if your skin isn't dry, it's important to keep it hydrated, Dani said. To do this, "I leave the aloe (on) my face. Hindi ko na siya wina-wash sa face ko. I also do it to my neck 'cause your neck is a part of your face so make sure you prioritize the neck."

When it comes to makeup, less is more.

“I do believe less is more," shared the new mom on her vlog. In most of her "Get Ready With Me" videos, Dani has done fresh and au naturel makeup looks for every day. She has the following as her essentials: concealer, powder blush, eyebrow mascara, highlighter, and lipstick.

Focus on your cheeks.

On a regular day, Dani goes for the natural makeup look. “Pag hindi kasi ako masyado nag me-makeup, dapat yung cheeks mo, maganda lang. Yung parang nakurot ka lang," she said. Her trick? “Sometimes I also put here in the middle para kunwari may sunkissed effect.”

Brows are important, too.

“Ang kilay talaga, it does a lot of difference on your face. That’s why kilay is life kasi ito yung nagbibigay ng buhay sa mata mo. It highlights your face. Pag tinitignan ka ng tao, siyempre yung kilay mo, nag go-glow up ang face mo," Dani explained. Her favorite tool of the trade? Eyebrow mascaras. “I just start sa areas na meron akong bald spots. Tapos 'yun na ginagamit ko pang-fill in.”

Highlight the right areas.

Highlight your nose “para pag tamaan ka ng camera, boom! Beamin’!” She also said, “Just the right amount, wag nyo naman damihan kasi umaga dito eh… Just enough highlight just to get you through the day.”

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