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In Focus: BTS Selcas You Need To Recreate When You Visit Korea

In Focus: BTS Selcas You Need To Recreate When You Visit Korea


Everybody has a full travel bucket list in their hands and on top of most is South Korea. We don't know about you, but, honestly for us, it's all because of BTS and the power that they hold on us. Not just for the very little possibility of bumping into them on the streets, but also to get firsthand look at the country's hot spots made popular by the global K-pop group. On top of it all, we badly want to get those ARMY goal photos! 

Don't second guess if you're thinking the same way as us. Flying over there even with the Bangtan legends as your main reason is a great satisfaction both for your fangirl and explorer hearts. With their music video locations, summer package stops, hang-out favorites, and the newly opened House of BTS Pop-Up store, it's guaranteed that your itinerary won't be short of places to go. To make the filling up job easier for you, we put together a guide above along with BTS selcas you shouldn't forget to recreate the moment you arrive in SoKor!

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