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In Focus: Four Life Lessons We Learned From Hotel Del Luna

In Focus: Four Life Lessons We Learned From Hotel Del Luna


With its excellent cast, fantasy theme, and the characters' fascinating backgrounds, it's no surprise that the 2019 series Hotel Del Luna instantly became this year's most-watched Korean drama! Formally referred to as the "Guest House of the Moon," this drama is about a hotel for ghosts owned by a rebel named Jang Man-wol (played by IU) for 1,300 years and a new hotel manager named Ku Chan-Seong (played by Yeo Jin-goo).

It captured the attention of the viewers, not just because of its intriguing plot, but also of how well it played on the idea that death is not the end for everyone. The way each story unfolds helps us understand the characters more. The entire series touched our emotions in a way that we never knew is possible. That's why we listed down below the lessons we learned from Hotel Del Luna that we will cherish in the long run. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Learn to forgive and forget.

When someone does something wrong to us, it's hard to forgive and forget. It's because of the pain that their action gave you, but Hotel Del Luna taught us that everything we don't seem to forget is going to hold us back and weigh us down as it did to Man-wol who spent a thousand years to take revenge.

Her anger and resentment might have served as a motivation for her to continue to exist as a ghost, but it made her bitter and unhappy. It does take a lot of effort to forgive and forget, but if it's something you're willing to do, your world will become colorful again. 

2. A real relationship shouldn't be tragic.

From every love story we read online, some of us might have gotten used to the idea that it's okay to be in a relationship with someone who just pulls you down as long as you love each other. But the truth is, a real relationship shouldn't be like this! Man-wol has experienced two love stories in her lifetime, one with Chung-Myung and one with Chan-Seong. Although she loved them both dearly, the kinds of love she received are both different.

Her relationship with Chung-Myung had been very passionate yet selfish; the sacrifices they made to be together were indeed sweet, but the mistakes they'd done were also very painful for one another. Unlike her relationship with Chan-Seong, they disliked each other in the beginning; but when they fell in love with each other, they became patient, faithful, and thoughtful. Man-wol and Chung-Myung's love story might be more tragic, but a calming relationship like Man-wol and Chan-Seong's is what we deserve in life!  

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3. There's a difference between being kind and being naive.

Unfortunately, we can't escape from people who are overtly mean, and we're taught to respond with kindness. Although this is the right thing to do, we also have to learn that there's a difference between being kind and being naive. It's because when you're ignorant of other people's intentions, it can get you killed like what had happened with Hotel Del Luna's hotel receptionist, Ji Hyun-Joong.

He's the most delightful ghost at the hotel, but he was manipulated and murdered by his friend in the Korean War. Fortunately, when he became a ghost, he managed to turn the tables on people who tried to hurt him. He remained a kind and helpful person, but he learned to be smart in his own way. 

4. Live a life with no regrets.

We know how cliche it sounds to hear that everything happens for a reason, but it does! With every achievement and tragedy you face in life, it goes without saying that it all needs to happen for you to become the best version of yourself. In this series, it was shown that the people who lived a life with regrets died unhappy.

They weren't free from their regrets before they died, which is why they continuously complained and aspired to be alive again when they were in the hotel. That's why when the lead character Man-wol was crossing the bridge to heaven in the final episode, she turned around and gave the viewers a genuine smile, which indicates she has no more regrets.

Hotel Del Luna hits home with so many people who are having a hard time understanding life, especially letting go of our loved ones, this fact holds true for both the dead and the living. Despite its supernatural theme, the drama successfully gave us life lessons through the characters, which certainly makes it the best K-Drama this year. If you're interested to see some of our favorite scenes from the series that got us hooked, swipe through our gallery above! 

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