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In Focus: 3 Life Lessons We Learned From Justice Leonen at This Year's #WalwalSesh

In Focus: 3 Life Lessons We Learned From Justice Leonen at This Year's #WalwalSesh


Last October 27, the Youth for Mental Health Coalition (Y4MHC) put together an event in Commune Cafe to raise awareness on their cause and create a safe space for individuals who need something as simple as a weekend breather. Dubbed as Walwal Day, it was an affair filled with art, music, and meaningful conversations to cap off Mental Health Month.

From a mini bazaar to music and spoken word performances, there was a soothing and cozy vibe all throughout the day. In the balcony of the cafe was the Human Library, a concept where selected individuals shared their personal stories to guests who could use a relatable soul that they could be inspired by.

The main event was the Walwal Sesh hosted by Y4MHC's national adviser Dr. Gia Sison with special guest Hon. Marvic Leonen. In case you don't know, aside from being an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Leonen is also hit figure in the Twitterverse due to his piercing insights on life and love that he generously shares to his 40k followers.

During his conversation with Doc Gia and the Walwal attendees, Justice Leonen served us with his signature hard-hitting pieces of advice that we certainly took to heart. For those who weren't able to catch Walwal Sesh, here are three major takeaways we got from Justice Leonen:

1. "If all else fails, we should be ready to be with ourselves."

He isn't dubbed as the #LabGuru for nothing. Just like any of us, Justice Leonen had his fair share of heartaches which makes someone as wise as him a legit source of love lessons. And one of the things that struck us the most is his advice to learn to be on our own before getting into a relationship. Because when everything fails, all we have is ourselves to fall back on at the end of the day.

2. "Pursue your passion. Never work a day in your life."

With a profound career as a lawyer, dean, and judge, Justice Leonen has a vast experience when it comes to discovering one's purpose. His top tip for us who are struggling to find a worthwhile path is to make sure that we do something that wouldn't feel laborious. Pursuing the right career is not about working but rather finding where our true passion lies.

3. "Just because it's a gift, it doesn't mean it's painless."

After sharing his wisdom on relationships and career, Justice Leonen wrapped up the conversation with a final word on facing our struggles in life. According to him, every hurdle that we encounter should be treated as a gift because it builds our resilience. The harder it gets, the more it strengthens our character, and for that we should be grateful!

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Photos by Giancarlo Escamilla

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