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#ChalkExclusive: The 'Insatiable' Cast On Tackling Millennial Issues & Surviving The Pageantry World

#ChalkExclusive: The 'Insatiable' Cast On Tackling Millennial Issues & Surviving The Pageantry World



Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts, stars of Netflix’s original series Insatiable, spent time with us last October 8 to promote the premiere of Season 2 this October 11!

An American dark comedy-drama series, Insatiable, revolves around Patty Bladell, a teenager with weight issues. After an incident with a bully, her jaw was wired shut, and she's forced to go on a liquid diet over summer vacation. After the new-found attention and popularity she received when she lost weight, Patty sought revenge against those who ever made her feel bad about herself. 

Speaking about the success of Insatiable with Filipino fans, Debby, who plays Patty Bladell, said, “I think there are so many fun characters that chaos happens when you put us all together because it’s just really good people making bad decisions.” Dallas, who plays pageant coach Bob Armstrong, added, “One of my favorite parts about the show is that you never know what’s coming next. It’s always chaotic and hilarious.”

But more than the thrilling laughs, Insatiable presents a modern-day portrayal of eating disorders and body image issues. She emphasizes, "We showed what disordered eating looks like and the signs that we have it. When Patty was binge-eating the cake in the first season, the reason that we took it so seriously is that it's not a joke, that's a sickness. That's Patty feeling so alone and hurt trying to fill that emptiness."

In season two, they delve further into this issue. But aside from that, Debby also mentions coming out as another important concern that they were able to tackle this time around. This proves that Insatiable is more relevant than ever to the struggles and situations that the current generation is facing. She reiterates, "I do believe in 2019, I'm very privileged to be around tolerant people who are knowledgeable of how life is now and how different it is before." 

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It's safe to say that Patty's life is a mess, from her own internal battles to being a suspected murderer. So we asked Dallas, if it was up to him, would he let his character Bob to continue helping Patty with her problems this season or not? He shares, "Yeah, I would let him help Patty out. But I would probably stop that relationship at some point if a possible murder was involved."

They were accompanied by our very own OG Queen, Gloria Diaz, who has a very special guest appearance on the show. Gloria shared how she was asked to play the role of a former beauty queen turned fierce pageant coach named Gloria Reyes and her experience while filming on set. “They just messaged me, and I thought it was a mistake,” she said. “I was just overwhelmed with everything. Everyone was so nice. They kept saying, ‘Welcome,’ but I said, ‘The more you welcome me, the more stressed I became.’”

As someone who has legit experience in pageantry, Gloria shared one survival tip that she can give to young girls who aspire to be beauty queens. "The first thing that I always tell them is to never think this is beginning or the ending of your career. Just look at it as a stepping stone. Hopefully, you win, but if you don't, there are other things to do." 

In the second season, the cast shared that we should expect a lot more controversy from Patty's escapades. We'll see if she'll get caught by the police with everything that she has done in the first season and if this event will impact her dramatically to the point of not joining beauty pageants anymore, or if she'll use this as an advantage and do anything to get the crown!

But for the meantime, join us as we take a look back at the happenings at the Insatiable press conference in our gallery above! 

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