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From The Editor: Mimiyuuuh To Share Fashion Savvy (And) Sass As #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo!

From The Editor: Mimiyuuuh To Share Fashion Savvy (And) Sass As #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo!

Despite being new to the vlogging scene, YouTube star Mimiyuuuh has arrived to the "needs no introduction" level. I knew this first hand having attended the recently ABS-CBN Ball as a member of the media, literally next to her as Chalk.PH's correspondent. I saw her being approached by the celebrities themselves, some almost queueing in their probably itchy, inconvenient modern Filipiñana just to introduce themselves to the Internet sensation. It's been a different matter altogether with numerous friends—and strangers—messaging me about Mimiyuuuh and asking for a greeting from her once they knew about us working together. I didn't normally receive these requests with the other artistas I have been with for work, so...

"Mimiyuuuh's impact," it is what you call such charm so inexplicable. But getting to know Mimi, or Jeremy Sancebuche in real life, finally gave me a hint of explanation behind the effect. Mimiyuuuh has knowledge—she, in fact, graduated with a fashion design course from the De La Salle College of St. Benilde as a scholar and interned under the esteemed Mark Bumgarner. She, too, has wisdom—she comes from ordinary beginnings and is now bent to help her family with her vlogging and "influencing." Using her knowledge and wisdom plus her incredible humility, she thrives in a world filled with so-called content creators who are just doing it just because.

Now make way for your girl

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Produced by Barry Viloria | Creative direction by Barry Viloria | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Styling by Christine Sion and Carlos Tomawis for #TeamRyujiShiomitsu | Hair and Makeup by Muriel Vega Perez | Shot on location at Art In Island Museum, Cubao City | Special thanks to Che Gatan of SPARK IT



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