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Cheat Sheet: Get Healthy Skin Like KC Concepcion's With Her Very Own Beauty Secrets!

Cheat Sheet: Get Healthy Skin Like KC Concepcion's With Her Very Own Beauty Secrets!

KC Concepcion is one of those women whose beauty and grace set an example to many others. She has always been a radiant celebrity who always looks flawless with or without makeup—and her selfies prove it so.

Growing up in a family of artists and women, KC credits the people around her—especially her lola—for having a great influence on her makeup and skincare habits. "My first real foray into the makeup world, the kikay kit world, is through the women in my family—my titas, my cousins, my sisters. It’s really nice to have women around you kasi you learn," says the first Filipina ambassador for Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido.

KC also adds, "I think it’s that and also working on TV. You’re exposed to so many different looks. You have to be a chameleon, you cannot be scared about wearing different looks especially if you work in magazines or showbiz." 

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While some may think she has her genes to thank for her flawless skin, KC says it's mainly how you take care of it. Luckily, she has these for us to add to our regimen, too!

Hydration is key

Since KC is always traveling, she shares that for those the same should always hydrate and moisturize. "Before I get on the plane I always moisturize. And then I moisturize (again) every five hours, depending how long the flight is. And then you drink water. So simple."

Apply that oil

If you feel iffy about the feeling of oils on your skin, KC says, don't be! She stresses how they can do a lot of good things to your skin! Her ultimate beauty secret? "I actually use jojoba oil that I mix with Ylang-Ylang essential oil... I use that all over my body and I can use it from head-to-toe. Ylang-ylang is very natural and it can also help fight wrinkles. And then jojoba oil it doesn’t clog your pores the way coconut oil can."

Wear makeup with built-in skincare

You may have read this several times, but KC reminds to always remove your makeup before sleeping. She adds, "During the day, there’s still about 11-23 hours of the day before you go home. It’s important to actually use makeup with skincare because you’re wearing that throughout the day—parang naka babad sya sa face mo eh. So, if you’re using something harmful for you or yung mamaya gray ka na or makati na, it’s not only gross, it’s also harmful for your skin. So at least you have options to also have skincare in your makeup."

Choose a trustworthy foundation

To survive a full day or a rainy day, it's best to wear makeup that won't cake or smudge. "Look for a foundation that won’t melt—something that can really stick to your face for as long as possible. (Shiseido's) Synchro Skin Self Refreshing lasts for 24 hours. So definitely that kasi pag nabasa or pinag pawisan ka, like promise, I was just retouching, 'Okay, it really works.'"

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