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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Gazini Ganados: Why The Philippines Is And Will Always Be Home

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Gazini Ganados: Why The Philippines Is And Will Always Be Home

Editor’s note: For Gazini Ganados, there is no place like home. Having lived in the three major islands of the Philippines, our Bb. Pilipinas 2019 talks about her time in each, as well as her admiration for Filipinos.

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I moved a lot throughout my childhood. I grew up in Dapitan City in Zamboanga del Norte. Life was simple then. My grandparents were always around, and so were my cousins. At 12, we moved to Talisay City, Cebu and life there was tough. We almost had nothing and we had to start from scratch. It was there that I started my career and live out my dreams.

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After graduating from college last October, I transferred to Manila in pursuit of my dreams and to look for better opportunities. Truth be told, adapting was easy because the Manila vibe is very much like Cebu. I wish I could go home to Zamboanga and Cebu more often, but lately, I barely do. Apart from those, if there are two places I’d like to visit again, it would be Siargao and Palawan.

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I really love the Philippines, most especially the Filipino people. We Filipinos are very accommodating and genuinely happy people and we wear a genuine smile wherever we go. I am proud to be one.

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