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In Focus: 15 K-Drama Cameos That Left Us Wanting More

In Focus: 15 K-Drama Cameos That Left Us Wanting More


Our past few years have been all about K-dramas, and we think it's the most wholesome obsession we ever have. They not only bring us a perfect life story to fantasize about but also give us an escape from our real messy ones even for a short while. Every plot is different and leaves an impression on us just as much as its kilig gets us through loneliness and its tearjerkers lets us confront the long-held feelings inside us. But it would be a lie if we say the cameos didn't pull at our heartstrings, too!

How Korean actors have the most supportive friendships on screen to the point that they're willing to make a brief appearance on each other's show got us so wrapped up. For them to remain good friends after once working in a project together says a lot about why we love K-dramas so much. Also, it's been our goal to see our faves and most unexpected stars to cross paths even for just a 3-minute (or less) screentime. Did anyone say more? We're not in the position to give it to you but the least we can do is to help you look back at all the cameos we can't get over ourselves in the gallery above!

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