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Where To Next: Florence, Italy—Amanda Griffin And David Jacob's Latest 'Honeymoon' Spot

Where To Next: Florence, Italy—Amanda Griffin And David Jacob's Latest 'Honeymoon' Spot

Italy is a widely popular destination for tourists and visitors of all kinds, whether it be for foodies, historians, shoppers, and even for those that would just want to enjoy the culture. But among the many reasons tourists visit Italy, there’s one thing everyone can agree on—its romantic atmosphere. With Florence, in particular, for all its outright appreciation for renaissance art, Amanda Griffin-Jacob and her husband find that it may be one of the most romantic Italian cities of them all, as we get a glimpse of their trip through photos taken by SweetEscape.

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What places did you visit during your stay in Florence? What made you decide to visit these places?

“We stayed in Villa San Michele, which is atop the Fiesole hills. It was a 15th century monastery and the beautiful façade is façade attributed to Michelangelo. The views of Florence and the Chianti Hills are spectacular.

We also stayed in Lucca at Villa Grabau because friends of ours were getting married.

Tuscany is just such a romantic place. It was perfect for a short getaway with my husband.”

Did you have any favorites among them? Why?

“No favorites, as each place offered its own charm. What I appreciated about Italy, in general, is their slower pace. We are so used to doing things extra fast. I guess it’s a product of having so many children.

During this vacation, we were able to experience the Italian mantra of “Il dolce far niente”—the sweetness of doing nothing. What an absolute luxury that was! And certainly one I haven’t had since having my babies.”

What were the most interesting parts of your trip?

“I loved going around Lucca. It was my first time there. I love exploring new places!”

How was your experience in getting to have your trip documented by SweetEscape?

“It was extra special this time because the last time David and I had nice photos by ourselves, was our wedding 11 years ago. I think SweetEscape really captured our ‘honeymoon feel’, and the fact that we were able to reconnect with each other. It’s very difficult to do with a house full of loud kiddos.”

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Photographs courtesy of SweetEscape



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