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Hottie Alert: Environmentalist Beauty Queen Helena Busch Is Our New OG Idol!

Hottie Alert: Environmentalist Beauty Queen Helena Busch Is Our New OG Idol!

“Creative, spontaneous, and adventurous. Oh, and a food lover.” This is how Helena Busch, 2nd Runner Up Miss Thailand World 2018, describes herself to be. In many ways, the vibrant, energetic energy that emanates from this stunner makes her the ideal girl that Mestiza, a local natural skincare brand, would select as one of their ambassadors to represent the brand.

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Given Lena’s staunch support for environmentally conscious behavior and awareness, her current partnership with all natural soap brand like Mestiza seems to be a match made in heaven. “I’m looking forward to being a part of Mestiza,” exclaims Lena, “This is my first time as an ambassador for a brand.”

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A truly positive person, and a mark of a Mestiza girl, is one who is adamant on starting their days right. Lena considers mornings to be the most important part of her day. “I spend that chunk of time to eat breakfast and to spend some time with my family and dogs before work,” she exclaims. She also finds time to pursue her passions, in keeping with the Mestiza girl’s brand profile of going for what she wants, pursuing what makes her happy and fulfilled. Keeping active, indulging in creative activities, and sustaining meaningful relationships with her nearest and dearest seem to be how Lena practices self-love to give herself a boost of confidence, in keeping with the Mestiza ideals. “Right now, I’m on a basketball team. We play to raise money for different charities,” Lena reveals, “I also paint on my free time. Hanging out with my friends that are basically my family here gives me the most joy.”

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Embodying the go-getter ideal of a Mestiza girl, Lena is relentless and unstoppable in pursuing her goals, hopes, and dreams. “I see myself as a successful businesswoman running my own clothing brand and my own brunch place, with a happy family and kids,” shares Helena, “I’m excited with just about everything basically. It’s a daily challenge but I’m growing as a person every day. It’s just fun to do something on my own and to actually achieve things that I never thought I would have.”

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Photographs taken from Helena's IG account



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