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Love Actually: Maja Salvador On What Makes Rambo Nuñez A Breed From The Rest

Love Actually: Maja Salvador On What Makes Rambo Nuñez A Breed From The Rest

Ask Maja Salvador a question about her boyfriend Rambo Nunez, and she’ll just gush over the guy as any girl in a new relationship would. Except their relationship isn’t entirely “new.” Not from a modern dating perspective, that is. The couple first got together nine years ago, but broke up for what Maja believes was, at least on her part, a difference in her priorities. She was too focused on her career.

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Life saw Maja and Rambo succeed in their respective professions before bringing the two together again. Maja is easily a triple threat top-billing the upcoming dramaserye The Killer Bride. Rambo is making it in the corporate world as the President of PR and events companies (with multiple businesses on the side).

But even when they were younger, Rambo had all the qualities Maja was looking for in a boyfriend—enough to make her break her personal rule about never getting back with an ex. When ABS-CBN Lifestyle got to talk to her recently, we got to better understand these qualities and why she’s still so in love.

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1. The #FeedGoals travels they Insta about? It’s all Rambo! “I’m very lucky na minsan nagiisip siya kung anong trips pwedeng puntahan. Siya nag-paplan ng lahat,” she revealed. As of this writing they’ve visited the hottest beaches in the Philippines and tourist destinations in Bali, Italy, and Switzerland. It’s relaxing for the actress, who like many working women, can easily burn out (and are perhaps too exhausted to even think about making an itinerary for two people) after a long day.

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2. She trusts him. When you’re in a position like Maja’s, you never what people’s true intentions are. “Pag nasa showbiz world ka lang, baka mabaliw ka kasi sometimes kwe-question-in mo na, ‘Okay ba yung mga taong ito?” she explained. That said, Maja likes that she’s dating a non-showbiz guy who not only makes time to pull her out of her crazy her line of work, but makes her feel light and at ease the whole way through.

3. They’ve had the marriage talk! Maja and Rambo are in their 30s. Granted that her greatest fear is ending up alone, Maja prays that he is really “The One”. When the time comes, she’ll want to hold two wedding ceremonies in different locations. “Mahilig ako pumunta sa beach kasi nare-relax talaga ako. Pag burned out ako or may mga problems, gusto ko lang talaga pumunta ng beach to relax. Pero syempre dapat may church wedding pa rin para present si God. Sobrang gusto ko intimate, simplehindi yung artista way,” she said.

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Photographs taken from the official Instagram accounts of Rambo Nunez and Maja Salvador



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