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Fitness Inspo: How Fit Couple Cam Lagmay And Chris Newsome Bring Out The Beast In Each Other

Fitness Inspo: How Fit Couple Cam Lagmay And Chris Newsome Bring Out The Beast In Each Other

For athletes, staying fit and healthy is a way of life. And power couple Cam Lagmay—TV/event host, fitness instructor, and former UP Pep Squad captain, and Chris Newsome—professional basketball player for the Meralco Bolts and former Ateneo De Manila Blue Eagles hotshot are living proof of this fact.

Cam and Chris train religiously (say, on a daily basis), and, mind you, very cerebrally. Beyond the physical aspect of their work and lifestyle, they highly believe that staying healthy also taps into their mental and emotional well-being. 

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As Cam would tell ABS-CBN Lifestyle, “It comes to a point where you could assess everything that’s going on in your life—whether it’s your relationships, career, nutrition, sleeping patterns—and it’s important to remove those smalls things that don’t serve you, and only keep the ones that keep you healthy, happy, and fulfilled."

“Health and wellness is the overall well-being yourself a human," Chris added. "So therefore, that’s all aspects, whether it’s your body or your mind. For me it’s very important that it’s not just solely focused on the body. The mind is the most underrated aspect of health and wellness."

And yes easily they are big believers of the “You are what you eat” motto—always making sure to eat clean and just eat enough to fuel their bodies for their daily to-do's.

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While Cam and Chris both share the same sentiments on the importance of health and wellness, their approach couldn’t be any more different. Say, Cam tends to focus more on flexibility and muscle building, while Chris on the other hand tends lean more onto stamina, agility, and mental focus. The differences in their individual goals actually keep their relationship fun and fresh, as they constantly learn from each other and feed off each other’s energies.

“Shaking things up is actually something very healthy for athletes because you can get so caught up in your craft or your sport that sometimes you forget to have fun,” Chris mused. “I play basketball, but then I also understand that the skills that it takes in order to be a cheerleader is completely different, but at the same time it’s the same; you’re still using your physical body, they’re completely different movements, but the learning process is the same.”

In that aspect, they both enjoy cross training. Chris sometimes learns gymnastics or goes to Cam’s spinning class, while Cam sometimes trains at Chris’ gym and learns how to shoot—and going on “physical dates” where they have to move and work together. Sometimes, they also go against each other in fun, healthy competition.

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Produced and directed by Mels Timan | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Makeup by Johnson Estrella and Jeff Bungcasan for Clinique | Hair by Jericho Valenzuela and Red Echavia for Culture Salon | Styling by Camille Santiago | Shot on location at Sheraton Hotel Manila

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