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Love Actually: Pageant Queen Michelle Arceo Finds Her King In Albie Casiño

Love Actually: Pageant Queen Michelle Arceo Finds Her King In Albie Casiño

Growing up in the US, Filipino-American Michelle Arceo was not used to the celebrity lifestyle. That all changed when she decided to take a trip to Boracay in 2016 and met Albie Casiño at Laboracay—a massive beach party that used to happen every first weekend of May on the island. “We kinda just bumped into each other one night and hit it off immediately. I didn’t know he was an artista at the time. We spent everyday together, then decided to give it a try when we both arrived back in Manila,” recalls Michelle, now the Los Bastardos actor's girlfriend.

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Albie was Michelle's first serious boyfriend—and now they’re three years strong. The two definitely typify #RelationshipGoals—Albie continues to kill it in his acting career as one of the leading roles in Los Bastardos, and Michelle has been slaying the competition in her modelling/pageant career. She recently just won Miss BodyCon 2019 in March and is set to join Miss World 2019 this December. Being as busy as they are, Michelle makes it a point that her time—when available—is well spent with each other, “We focus more so on the quality, rather than the quantity of how much we hang out. We emphasize on activities that allow us to converse and interact.”

Sometimes, it gets tough. Being in the spotlight is no joke and can get old real fast. Michelle shares how it is important to stay strong through every adversity, “Relationships are nothing like the movies we watch and I think people want to hold onto that idea that everything needs to be a happy ending even though life just doesn’t work out that way. I had to dissolve the fantasy of what I thought a relationship should be."

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Usually when faced with normal relationship troubles, Michelle seeks the advice of the famous “mom we all wish we had”—Jada Pinkett Smith. She says there’s a quote from Jada said on her show, Red Table Talk, that really stuck with her and one she reminds herself of from time to time. She specifies, “We fall in love with the goddess, or the god, within that person, and then when we actually meet the human being, then we’ve got to learn how to love that one."

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Photographs taken from Michelle Arceo's and Albie Casiño's Instagram accounts



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