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In Focus: Why TXT's Yeonjun Is Our Newest Bias

In Focus: Why TXT's Yeonjun Is Our Newest Bias


It's only been months since Tomorrow X Together made their debut, but the boys are already making big waves as expected. With just a five-track EP in their musical catalog, TXT has impressively managed to cross over America for a tour showcase, entered Billboard charts, and collected simultaneous Rookie awards. We can say that they've lived up to the ambitious shadow cast by their sunbaenims, BTS, and even trailed their own path. You made us proud, boys!

More than that, we aren't afraid to admit that TXT has easily and slowly won our hearts over this short period of time. And we want to talk about eldest member Yeonjun in particular whose visuals, talent, and extraness got us all falling for him from a distance. Have you seen him make his dongsaengs laugh? But that's nothing compared to his determination to debut after years of training and performing as a back-up dancer. 

Consider us bias wrecked if you must, but you bet nothing can stop us from fangirling over him, at least not now. See the gallery above to know why we stan him so much!

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