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Fitness Inspo: Maxene Magalona And Rob Mananquil On Keeping A 'Healthy' Marriage

Fitness Inspo: Maxene Magalona And Rob Mananquil On Keeping A 'Healthy' Marriage

It’s one thing to have a partner that wholeheartedly supports you and your passions in all aspects, but it’s a whole other story when your partner joins you on the journey. This is the case for newly married Maxene Magalona-Mananquil and Robby Mananquil, who have always been very keen on finding different ways to stay fit—and sometimes share their inspirational fitness adventures on social media.

Yet the beginning of their journey, as for most people, has not been an easy one. In the past, Maxene admitted that she has tried many different fitness regimens such as boxing, running, and different gym workouts, but after a while, none of them really held her interest. 

“I would have to admit that before I met him, I was really just coasting along,” the actress said. “I thought working out was a vain activity,” explaining that she thought people only did such activities for their looks.

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Maxene said Rob coming into her life made her shift her perspective, inspiring her to take care of her body. She then started working out regularly and made sure it stayed a part of their lifestyle together. “Once you have fitness as your foundation, I think you will go on with your day-to-day activities with a better perspective with life,” she said. “You will definitely give more of yourself, and that’s what my husband inspired me to do.”

Meanwhile, the discipline the famously lean and ripped Rob has for fitness comes from his experience as a professional model.

“It had really become a part of my lifestyle, which I enjoy, because I feel that if you have a healthy lifestyle, you don’t feel like you’re working to go to the gym or eating healthy food (because it’s a part of your lifestyle) so it becomes more natural,” he said. "I love how there’s a sense of discipline and balance, because when you work out, you can’t achieve your goals without that discipline. And if you can learn that discipline through working out, you can apply that discipline to other aspects in life.” 

All their efforts to live a fit and healthy life together eventually led the Mananquil household to their favorite activity together: Yoga. Their journey into the art started when they joined a free yoga class about three months into their relationship. Little did they know that going on a couples’ yoga retreat would deepen their connection with each other. 

Rob fondly recalled, “The instructor made us face each other, to look into each other’s’ eyes. And in the next minute, we were both tearing up; we felt the energy (coming off of each other).”

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For the couple, yoga continually teaches them to be kind to themselves, to each other, and to everyone else—moving with purpose and intention. It has definitely become a game-changer for them both as it “opened up their senses to the depth of health and wellness,” and has given them the inspiration to try new things together. The practice has given such a huge opportunity for Rob and Maxene to stay in tune with themselves and each other—mentally, physically, emotionally.

Yoga has also taught them discipline on how they choose to take care of themselves and how they make healthy choices, including their nutrition. Rob mentioned how Maxene used to eat meat while they were still dating, but eventually started to cut out meat altogether and choose more organic food, without really realizing. And ever since that change, they have become more active in choosing to eat healthily—a.k.a. their transition to a healthy diet through a meal-plan service called Diet Diva, wherein Rob was given the Lean Machine program of 1,500 calories, while Maxene went for the G.Low program of 1,200 calories. Eventually, they started incorporating some of the recipes and plans from Diet Diva, recreating and preparing the food on their own.

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Produced and directed by Mels Timan | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Makeup by Johnson Estrella and Jeff Bungcasan for Clinique | Hair by Jericho Valenzuela and Red Echavia for Culture Salon | Styling by Camille Santiago | Shot on location at Sheraton Hotel Manila 

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