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In Focus: Guji Lorenzana's Wife Cheska Nolasco On Aspiring Parents Imbibing Patience

In Focus: Guji Lorenzana's Wife Cheska Nolasco On Aspiring Parents Imbibing Patience

With their first baby, a little girl, on the way, singer-actor Guji Lorenzana and his interior designer wife Cheska Nolasco couldn’t be more excited. “Every little thing is a milestone! Every kick and hospital visit is special to us. We really make a day out of it. We’re already six months in but it feels like yesterday when we found out we were pregnant,” Cheska relates to ABS-CBN Lifestyle.

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, though, for the expecting parents. Cheska, who runs her own company Cheska Nolasco Design Studio, opens up about their struggles in trying to get pregnant. “It was one of the hardest and most exhausting situations we’ve ever been in. The timing, fertility check-ups, all the negative tests every month—it was disheartening. It became a monthly routine that just wasn’t fun anymore.”

Instead of letting the disappointment overwhelm them, Cheska and Guji decided to focus on their marriage. “One day, we realized, ‘What are we doing? Marriage isn’t about this.’ So we let that baby fever go and just enjoyed our company together. Of course, we still kept asking in prayers but they changed from, ‘We want a baby!’ and ‘The clock is ticking!’ to, ‘If it’s Your will’ and ‘In Your time’. And now, we’re here!”

Stronger than ever, the couple who met via Tinder plan to parent as a team. Their game plan is: God first, each other second, and then their child. “Don’t get me wrong, we love our baby already! But we’ve witnessed so many marriages depend on their children. Couples end up resenting one another for not being able to live and do as they please, and the children grow up not understanding what real love is. We hope that our future children will see the importance of parents being in love with each other,” clarifies Cheska.

When asked if they plan to have more kids, Cheska shares that Guji—a former Star Magic artist who's now with Viva—wants more babies immediately after this one. She also adds, “This one is already a miracle. We’ll be super grateful if He blesses us with a second or third.”

Interview by Kassie Gormley

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Photographs taken from Guji Lorenzana's Instagram account



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