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In Focus: 10 Times Ylona Garcia Proved She's #SquatGoals

In Focus: 10 Times Ylona Garcia Proved She's #SquatGoals


Everyone has their own reason for going to the gym. Some work out to improve their health. Others simply want to de-stress and regain their energy and productivity. Most, however, want burn out the fats and get a good form. Whatever yours is, guaranteed it's worth staying fit for. Yes, even if it's to sweat for the butt work.

What's not good with wanting to bring the sexy back? Exercising can help boost your sense of self-confidence. And if putting your booty in action is all that it takes, then we don't see why you shouldn't give it a shot. And we cannot think of any other person to be your best squat motivation than Ylona Garcia! She has that perfectly-toned backside that flatters every fitted style and hits that "from behind" angle anytime.

It isn't that difficult to enhance that body part of yours, so don't let anyone or even the busy schedule get in your way. There's a lot of lower body exercises you can do at the comforts of your home, too, FYI. For obvious reasons, we're here to give you a dose of inspo to do just that through our #SquatGoals snaps from Ylona in the gallery above!

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