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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Maris Racal: 21 Things I Learned At 21

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Maris Racal: 21 Things I Learned At 21

Editor's note: Maris Racal was born on September 22, 1997—that makes her 21 now. Still very young, she lists her biggest life lessons she’s picked up.

1. Stay true to yourself. Pag may fine-fake ka, to the point that you don’t feel right—like you’re pretending…you won’t have that happy glow within you.
2. You don’t have to broadcast everything. As the saying goes, “They can’t ruin the things you keep in private.”
3. Work out! I realized that after you work out you’re happier and lighter. You live more inspired. And more complete yung day mo.

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4. Save money. Showbiz is known for “easy money” so you would think okay lang mag-spend. But always be conscious about how you spend your money. Ask yourself, “Very practical ba sya? Or too much?” You have to self-check every time.
5. Call your parents and connect with your family. They’re growing old and you can’t take it back if something happens. So kailangan mag-connect ka sa family mo once in a while—kahit two minute conversation okay lang yun! In my case, I live far from my family. Sila nasa Davao; ako nandito sa Manila. Hindi kami lagi nagkikita so ito yung main rule ko.
6. I make sure I treat every project like it’s my last. If I have a new project I make sure binibigay ko lahat so that I give my best and hindi mag-compare sa last project na ginawa ko.

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7. Don’t waste someone else’s time. If you’re not into them just say it directly because it’s a waste of time and investment of feelings.
8. Always be punctual. Okay na yung 30 minutes late because I realize na may mga importante ring ginagawa yung ka-work mo or ka-meeting mo, but let’s not waste time. Be professional.
9. A personalized place is a happier place. Now that I have my own place, na-realize ko na a more personalized corner makes you happy. Style ng house ko ay eclectic. Parang lahat ng bagay naplano ko at may meaning to my life.
10. Don’t just shop for clothes that are "in". Shop for what's sturdy. Kahit mas mahal sya, that’s for forever. Na-realize ko if you always buy clothes na trending mas mapapagastos ka ng marami.
11. Don’t care about what other people think of you. Yung opinion ng people on Instagram or Twitter—yung mga faceless—shouldn’t matter. If they support you, be thankful. But if they say things like, “You should be like this or that,” don’t listen to them. Instead, listen to your family and your heart.
12. Do things na sinasabi ng puso mo. Kung ano ka talaga, just show it to the world. Hindi ka mahihirapan because once na mag-pretend ka, yun na yung i-e-expect ng mga tao sayo.
13. Always read a book. Kahit one book a month. Mahilig ako magbasa. Ngayon binabasa ko is "The Power" (by Naomi Alderman).
14. Be organized. Have a calendar para mas efficient ka sa time molalo na sa schedule.
15. Have one goal after another. After ma-achieve yung isa mong goal dapat meron kang bago ulit, para lahat ng ginagawa mo sa life may purpose and hindi ka mawawala sa path. Like, “Nasan na ba? For what ba tong lahat?” If tapos mo na yung goal mo, go for the world.
16. If okay ka mentally, always be sensitive to other people. You don’t know what’s going on inside their head or what’s going on with their lives, so maging sensitive ka nalang para wala kang maoffend na mga tao.
17. Be aware sa mga nangyayari sa mundo. Para you at least know what’s going on and hindi puro “self” lang. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s better to understand what else is happening around you.
18. Don’t pressure yourself to look a certain way. Nung bata pa ako, gusto kong lumaki agad. Gusto ko ng boobs, butt, etc. Then I realized may kanya-kanyang time ang tao. You have your own body; you should love it and not pressure it to look like other girls' or your idols'. Love yourself. May time and certain age ka na mag-bloom.
19. Always carry pepper spray. Meron akong pepper spray sa bedside table ko. Because I'm not allowed to own firearms, I’m also planning to buy a bat. Ilalagay ko siya sa corner ng bed ko, sa corner ng living room, and sa TV for self-defense.
20. Always screenshot pag nag-ga-Grab ka. Send it to your friends, boyfriend, or best friend para merong nakakaalam kung nasan ka—especially when it’s nighttime and you’re out, and walang maghahatid sa inyo. Make sure na merong someone na hindi mo kasama who knows what’s going on.
21. If you haven’t found your purpose yet, don’t be sad. Merong mga tao na naf-ind yung passion nila in their 50s. It’s okay to feel lost, basta always have faith and know there’s a time na mangyayari lahat ng pinag-pray mo.

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