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In Focus: 12 Times MayWard Made Us Question Their "Best Friend" Status

In Focus: 12 Times MayWard Made Us Question Their


MayWard can't stop, won't stop making us swoon over their natural chemistry on and off screen. From their Pinoy Big Brother days up to now, MayMay Entrata and Edward Barber ooze with in-sync craziness and genuineness unlike any other. We're absolutely aware that their loveteam was never intended, like a couple who didn't fall at first sight. But after getting to know each other, growing up, and dreaming together, we've witnessed the kind of magic that kept us glued in this ship for who knows, forever?

If you don't see the spark between these two, we suggest you visit the nearest eye doctor. The way they exchange looks and wacky faces prove that celebrity pairings need not to carry off too much physical affection to give us good, kilig romance. You see, MayWard could never be boring. And while they've said many times that they're just "best friends," it makes sense for such a perfect on-screen couple to fall in love with each other right, what more two best friends? We bet the gallery above will make you question MayWard's real relationship status like us—if not, at least a ray of hope that it's the beginning of something special. Check it out!

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