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Style Inspo: Alden Richards' New, Scruffy Look Is A Must-Try For Guys!

Style Inspo: Alden Richards' New, Scruffy Look Is A Must-Try For Guys!

For years, Alden Richards has kept to his clean-shaven, baby face image.  But in his upcoming film, Hello, Love, Goodbye, fans will be seeing a grittier side to their beloved actor. In it he plays Ethan, an OFW in Hong Kong who falls for Joy, a fellow OFW played by Kathryn.  It’s their first project as a loveteam, and a fitting project to debut his new, edgy “image."

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Whether he keeps the bit of hair is up to him. But for someone who has built a career being beardless and ‘stache-less, he definitely pulls off the scruff! That said, here are four reasons why stubble like Alden’s is worth a try!

1. Scruff makes you look more mature. Generally speaking, hirsute can add years to men. It signifies reaching (or being long past) the puberty stage, and increased testosterone levels (which, in turn, may give off a sense of perceived physical maturity).  

2. Women think scruff is sexy.  Research by Dixson and Brooks in 2013 found that when women who participated in the study were to rate men the level of attractiveness on men based on their facial hair, those with an “intermediate level of beardedness” (read: had stubble) were more attractive than those who were clean-shaven or fully bearded.

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3. Scruff can alter the overall appearance of your face.  Depending on how much you want to grow out your facial hair, a little scruff can cover parts of face you’d rather not show (like an unsightly scar) or add definition and length to, say, what you consider a less-than-chiseled chin.

4. It’s relatively easy to maintain. Letting stubble grow out a few days saves men the trouble of routinely removing hair as they would to achieve beardless or ‘stache-less look.  Also, grooming it doesn’t have to be a daily habit. Most men need only clean it up two to four times a week.

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Photographs taken from the Instagram accounts of Alden Richards, Aries Manal, and Leysam Sanciangco



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