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Cheat Sheet: When And How To Know You Are 'MOMOL-Ready'

Cheat Sheet: When And How To Know You Are 'MOMOL-Ready'

“Is he really into me?” “Why hasn’t he viewed by Instagram story yet?” “And… does he only like me for the sex?” “Could this turn into something more?”

After releasing its highly relatable drama Past, Present, Perfect?, which tackled first love, heartbreak, and failed ambitions, iWant has come out with another original movie MOMOL Nights that now dives into these questions that make up the gray areas of modern dating and millennial relationships.

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iWant's Kim Thompson and Kim Molina starrer is a sexy rom-com that attempts to explore the intimacy in casual sex, and if it leads to something greater at all. While the movie betrays a fair point that  "make out, make out lang" might not work for everyone, it does help hand-hold one through the concept with the following rules in the gallery. Ready for a crash course on MOMOL (with some spoilers from the movie, of course)? Swipe on!

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Stream “MOMOL Nights” now for free on the iWant app (iOS or Android) or on!

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