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Fitness Inspo: UAAP-PVL Volleybelle Maddie Madayag On Her Champion State Of Mind

Fitness Inspo: UAAP-PVL Volleybelle Maddie Madayag On Her Champion State Of Mind

As we all know, the skipper of Choco Mucho Flying Titans in the Premier Volleyball League Maddie Madayag was previously the team captain of the Ateneo Lady Eagles—who recently won the UAAP Season 81 women's volleyball trophy. For five years, the Davaoeña's primary focus has been school and volleyball—making sure her team, which she has grown to see and love as family, are always in shape for competition.

But even before Maddie joined her collegiate champ of a team, she has been active in many different sports. She dabbled in ballet and taekwondo first. She then took up wushu seriously, participating in competitions, such as in Macao, by the age of 11. In high school, she discovered volleyball and the rest was history.

Maddie is as driven and passionate about her sport, particularly her health and fitness. Just a week after the UAAP championship last May, for example, she went back to doing her regular workout routine. Every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Maddie now does weights with her strength and conditioning coach. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she does her conditioning. This has been the case for the past five years, she says, that her body has become used to it.

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Just the same, Maddie is particular with her nutrition. "Especially for athletes, you really have to eat healthy. You can't eat junk everyday because that will affect how you move in the court. If you eat a lot of heavy meals before a game, you won't be able to jump properly, you'll feel heavy. So, what you eat is really important, especially depending on what your sport is,” Maddie tells ABS-CBN Lifestyle. She suggests eating right by consuming more vegetables. Her close watch over her fitness and diet, she adds, made her journey to the UAAP championship all worthwhile. She really paid attention to it, she claims, so she could be her strongest come the competition. 

All said, Maddie’s motivations for health and fitness trace back to something very pure and wholesome. “I think health and fitness is very important for everyone. You really have to take care of yourself, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally because it affects your body, your whole physique," she says.

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