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#ChalkGetsReal: Blaster Silonga And Crystal Jobli On Their Beauty Journey And Genderless Style

#ChalkGetsReal: Blaster Silonga And Crystal Jobli On Their Beauty Journey And Genderless Style


Musicians sporting black eyeliner has become synonymous to the “ultimate rock star look.” Think David Bowie, Billie Joe Armstrong, Gerard Way, Adam Lambert, and a whole bunch more. While we can trace history for gender-bending looks on male power icons, it’s only in recent years that the country has been, albeit slowly, more accepting of gender neutrality in beauty.

Not only eyeliners are the weapons of choice among men—check their loot for a tube of lipstick, palettes of warm eyeshadow tints, and glitter for the face, among others. We can also credit the ever-growing popularity of Korean boy groups that make beauty, instead of a fuss, a necessity. From smokey eye makeup down to skincare, these beauty concepts have now become a part of their routine.

IV OF SPADES lead guitarist Blaster Silonga is one of the guys-who-do-beauty that’s consistently on our radar. For this beauty feature, invited him and girlfriend Crystal Jobli to try out four beauty looks—and boy, these two can definitely rock ‘em! From soft pastels and nudes to fierce luminescent faces, the pair proved that beauty and style are fluid.

Among the layouts, Blaster regards the golden, glittery look as his favorite. “I like gold. ‘Yun ‘yung feeling ko susuotin ko by choice,” he replies. It’s an unsurprising answer, given that he reveals his beauty and fashion inspirations as David Bowie and anime characters Tsunayoshi Sawada and Kyoya Hibari from Reborn!. For Crystal, it’s the colorful eyeliner look, as its playfulness contrasts her simple, everyday vibe. Not to mention, her style inclination lies on the simple and au naturel side, citing French actresses Jane Birkin and Anna Karina as her icons.

They both discovered beauty and makeup in their tender years. Ten years ago, Blaster got the hang of wearing eyeliner because of Michael Jackson, and has since experimented on makeup especially whenever he steps on the stage to perform with his band. Meanwhile, Crystal recalls a dreadful memory of heavy makeup applied on her tween face, but rekindled her love for it when she encountered eyeliner again in high school.

Apart from the physical, it also helps that the couple carries the same mindset. If you’ve ever been to a IVOS gig or have seen a video clip of their performance (which you probably have,) you can spot Blaster in his signature long hair and smudged red lids. “Kapag tumitingin ako ng inspiration sa style or fashion, or kahit sa music, never kong tiningnan ‘yung gender,” he shares. In fact, the 19-year-old musician likes how he’s often misgendered, with store personnel sometimes regarding him as a “ma’am.” He admits a habit of checking out clothes in the women’s section, despite people sniggering behind his back for his fashion choices. He walks out of the store happy, taking home stuff he likes and knows will best express who he is. 

Crystal is fully supportive. “Iba ‘yung appreciation niya sa genderless beauty, kasi siya mismo ‘yun. I appreciate genderless beauty when I look at him. Hindi nag-iiba ‘yung tingin ko sa kanya, even if he would act feminine or would put makeup on. It actually enhances his features,” the 23-year-old shares. If there’s an epitome of genderless beauty, she says, it’s Blaster.

The musician follows a simple rule. “Ako, walang rules. If it looks good, kung feeling mo maganda, ‘yun na ‘yun,” he advises. If anything, it all boils down to the confidence that you can nail any look you like, regardless of people’s view on what does or doesn’t suit you. It’s your style—it’s your choice. 

If you’re just starting out on looks to try, Blaster and Crystal recommend owning, first and foremost, a red lipstick. “‘Yung red lipstick sobra niyang versatile. Pwede sa lips, pwedeng pampapula ng cheeks, pwede rin sa mata,” Blaster says. He also advises on getting a dark brown shade, which you can easily swipe on your lips or use as a contour tool. Crystal agrees, and suggests buying a nude shade as well as grabbing a mascara or eyelash curler to enhance your eyes.

In the end, it’s gonna be what people think versus what you actually want for yourself. If you're empowered enough to choose the latter, then welcome to Blaster and Crystal's club!

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Photographed by Shaira Luna
Creative Direction by Madel Asuncion
Art Direction by Mikka Caronan
Styled by Ryuji Shiomitsu
Makeup by Angeline Dela Cruz (Blaster) and Theresa Padin (Crystal)
Hair by Jeff Valenzuela
Video by Spotlight Creatives
Video Produced by Deiniel Cuvin

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