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Chalk Exclusive: Dylan Wang On How He Relates To His "Meteor Garden" Character Dao Ming Si

Chalk Exclusive: Dylan Wang On How He Relates To His


Before he went to see his Filipino fans in his first fanmeet at Araneta Coliseum, the #GlobalBENCHSetter and Chinese heartthrob Dylan Wang spent an intimate time with us at the Bench Cafe for his press conference! Known for his role as Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden's Chinese remake, Dylan has stole a lot of hearts here in the Philippines for his bad boy character. The young actor admitted that he wasn't really aware that he has a huge fanbase here, so when he found out, he didn't think twice about visiting the country! 

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Describing the Filipinos as very warm people, Dylan instantly felt welcomed in the PH. We're not surprised that a lot of Filipinos admire him because he nailed the iconic character Dao Ming Si so effortlessly even though it was his first television series! During the press conference, Dylan shared to us that he's actually quite similar from the leader of F4 IRL! With his playfulness and child-like personality, acting out these characteristics of Dao Ming Si became so easy to him.

In case you weren't able to see him during his stay here in Manila or you just want to reminisce, check out the photos we took of this handsome man in our gallery!

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