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In Focus: Richard Gutierrez Uses His Photographs To Promote Ocean Conservation

In Focus: Richard Gutierrez Uses His Photographs To Promote Ocean Conservation

One actor who is no secret water lover is Richard Gutierrez. On his Instagram, he's always seen with his family either relishing the recluse of the beach, or embarking on scenic, nature-set travels. “I really loved nature ever since I was a kid. And then eventually I got into scuba diving, I got into mountain biking, hiking, and different outdoor activities," the 35 year-old dad of two tells ABS-CBN Lifestyle.

Not only is Richard the outdoorsy type, he also has a flair for underwater photography. And his hashtag #gutzphotography emerges as primary evidence to his creative eye, capturing breathtaking photos of nature. From different kinds of sharks to coral reefs and other marine flora and fauna, Richard has it all covered. “Photography was my hobby na even before I started scuba diving like 8-9 year ago. Seeing all these beautiful things underwater, (I thought) it’s better to document it. I started as a hobbyist and then I became really passionate about it,” he shares.

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Indeed, Richard has let his sea adventures instill in him a deep (pun intended) understanding of marine life. Calling our country’s diving spots as world-class, he says, “Our oceans, our reefs are super alive and it’s really beautiful." He adds, "What’s fascinating about (it) is how much life we have underwater. Some other countries they don’t have it. We’re very blessed to have a rich terrain (and) marine biodiversity."

The time he's spent underwater also opened Richard's eyes not just to nature's beauty, but also its ugly side. Most especially, the big threats the oceans now face, making him realize the urgent need to participate in saving our environment. “You just see, like, how can I do my part in preserving. I travel also, and (I) see the different movements that other countries or other cities are doing to preserve their environment, to preserve sustainability. And I just wish that we can have that here in our country," he declares.

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Recently, Richard has taken the extra mile in environmental care by leading Kiehl's Philippines' Made Better Campaign. Together with twin bro Raymond Gutierrez, the matinee idol has lent his photos taken at Vavau Island, Tonga & Monad Shoal, Malapascua Island, Cebu to raise awareness and support Save Philippine Seas in preserving Anilao, Batangas.

Not just for show, Richard also practices environmentally sustainable deeds personally to help lower carbon footprint. “When you travel, bring your own cups. That’s what I do. Whenever I travel, I bring everything—for coffee, for water. And every time we buy something, we use reusable bags. We (also) try to pick up trash on the beach whenever we travel. So, doing small things like that is a big help already," he relates.

All said, Richard believes that saving Mother Earth is a team endeavor. “The little changes we do in our daily lives can have a huge positive impact if we do it as a collective effort,” as he once wrote in an Instagram post.

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