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In Focus: Things Every UST Freshman Can Look Forward To

In Focus: Things Every UST Freshman Can Look Forward To


If you are excited for vacation to end and for school to begin again, it is most likely that you're someone heading off to college. Just think about all that whole new ball game it brings—no fixed 7am class schedules, bigger allowance, a new level of independence, and spontaneous lakads, to name a few—and you'll totally understand why the feeling isn't the same when compared to the idea of going back to school for the past four years.

Going to college is even worthier going to if you're an incoming freshie in the University of Santo Tomas. I may sound extremely biased for some, but regreting my first year as a Thomasian is the last thing I'd do. Seriously, the university vibe is way too different and too good of a fresh start especially for peeps like me who only spent most of my high school going back and forth between home and campus. And it would be my pleasure to experience it all over again even if you don't pay me.

Here, let me give you reasons to pump up every baby Thomasian with a sneak peek on the distinctly Thomasian experiences that are in store for you!

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