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Style Inspo: Important Fashion Tips You Can Learn From Frankie Pangilinan

Style Inspo: Important Fashion Tips You Can Learn From Frankie Pangilinan

Scrolling through Frankie Pangilinan’s Instagram, it’s hard not to see an outfit that is worthy of our double taps. Whether it’s a sultry swimwear, a fabulous gown, or an edgy streetwear, you name it, this stylish gal got all the looks that could fit our everyday style.

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In case you didn't know, this year, Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s daughter is off to college in New York. After graduating from high school, the Mega daughter is now ready to make her dreams come true in the fashion capital of the world. “How did this happen? Why so fast? Mama will miss you every single day,” wrote her emotional mom in the photo caption.

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Graduating from High School soon. Then we take her to her dream school and help her move into her dorm in New York in August. How did this happen? Why so fast?!!! Oh my Baba...Mama will miss you every single day...😢😢😢 But I am so very proud of you! I love you with all my heart. You are golden. @frankiepangilinan (How am I gonna eat when I’m home with the family — and seeing your empty seat beside me?!!! Waaaaah!! I can’t!!! Magaling naman ang U.P. at Ateneo at La Salle anak...Huhuhu! Stay na lang kaya? Kundi titira ako dyan! Di naman papayag si Yellie di siya kasama. Si Gugie din baby pa. Iwan si Dad dito dyan na kami?! Hahaha! Babaaaaa!!! NO! NO! NO! I will sabunot myself!!! I will ask Ninang Cecile and Tita Anina to stalk you! Also Tito James, Tito Eggy...nyahahaha!)

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Speaking of fashion, we recently had a chat with Frankie, and here, she shared her thoughts about style and her tips on how to nail every single look. “I think now more than ever my interest (in fashion) has really flourished with the overall increase of inspiration, like in popular culture and media, aesthetics are now pushed to our attention, which can be bad in some ways but I choose to look more at the good,” she told us. 

Frankie's latest obsession in fashion are bright colors. “I’ve also been accessorizing a lot recently, because I realized the value of the little pieces—hair clips, scrunchies, rings (I’ve always loved rings) and bracelets, these all add so much to a look I think they’re often underestimated.”

Ahead, Frankie also shared some of her styling secrets and hacks on how to dress up. “Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Our youth is our secret weapon here. Be adventurous and allow yourself to find what makes you feel best about yourself,” she said. “It’s important to wear what makes us feel beautiful in our own skin. The best thing any of us can wear is confidence and a smile—also donate your old clothes. Make space in your closet by giving to others, allow your pieces to help others make cooler memories.” 

She also has a tip for those who want to be in style but are on a budget, “Thrifting is fun, nothing has to be expensive for it to be cool. I think lots of people get lost in hype culture now. But remember there’s a reason it’s just called hype, fashion isn’t about flashy brand names. It’s about taste and class.” 

Can't get enough of this young lady? Check out our gallery above as we compiled her best fashion moments!

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