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Fitness Inspo Tricia Santos: In Love And Romance, Yes, I Believe In Forever!

Fitness Inspo Tricia Santos: In Love And Romance, Yes, I Believe In Forever!

My grandparents’ relationship has shaped my perspective on love and romance. My grandparents have been married for such a long time and it is wonderful to see how happy they are together, even after all those years. To this day, my grandmother would not eat without my grandfather. Every day, she would wait for him to get home so that they can share a meal together. My grandfather is the stern, macho type. People are somewhat scared of him, but he turns soft when it comes to my grandmother. It inspires me to see how they kept their love going after all these years and how they raised responsible children like my mother and her siblings.

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I really don’t have an ideal partner, I’m of the belief that when you know, you just know. As cheesy as it sounds, when I look into someone's eyes, I want to see myself reflected back. Dating for me has never been just for fun. It’s always been about finding a partner for life. It’s about finding someone who would love you and who you will love and cherish for the rest of your life. I don’t need to have everything; give me a happy family and I will be content.

My partnership with Mestiza has been instrumental in showing me that it is a synergy of shared values and traits that acts as the glue that binds a couple together. Each of us is made up of uniquely personal attributes. Like their products which have been carefully crafted to meet distinct skin care needs of their users, we simply have to find the right blend that will ultimately be the foundation of a relationship that is perfect for you. 

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Much like its brand essence, Mestiza has also shown me that embracing your authentic self goes a long way to cement any relationship that you might cultivate, be it romantic, platonic or filial. Everyone is blessed with their own special traits and it is ultimately our challenge as human beings to find unity in our diversity, where one’s true self contributes immensely to the greater good. By standing confident in our own skin, we bring the best of what we can offer with how we relate with others and ourselves. After all, we can’t truly love another if we aren’t equipped to love ourselves in our flawed, beautiful glory.

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