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The Roundup: 11 Cool Fashion Finds at Manila Wear 2016

The Roundup: 11 Cool Fashion Finds at Manila Wear 2016

1. Amina Aranaz' "Flamingo Fiesta" bags

Design Inspiration: A combination of Mexican and Colombian influences in terms of festive feels, made even more chic by the flamingo, Aranaz' signature element. / Made of: Abaca straws / Best worn: On days when you're raring to go on an exotic getaway


2. Ken Samudio's "Coral" clutch bags

Design Inspiration: A marine biologist himself, colorful coral reefs found underwater inspired Samudio to come up with these pieces. / Made of: Recycled water bottles, recycled resin, and traditional embroideries like cross stitch / Best worn: With your go-to basic outfit, to give it a burst of color.


3. Carissa Evangelista's "Tropical Edge" clutch bags

Design Inspiration: The colorful sails of vintas in Mindanao / Made of: Cotton thread glued on acrylic bags / Best worn: With your power woman outfit. The geometric designs scream #bosslady.


4. Tim Tam Ong's "Existence" clutch bags

Design Inspiration: The fact that society has become too dependent with technology made Ong decide to put all things traditional front and center. / Made of: Handmade gold and silver wires placed on top of natural fiber. / Best worn: To an important dinner or gala. People will be fawning over them, trust us!


5. Thian Rodriguez' "Caliber" dresses

Design Inspiration: A Red Box Design winner for apparel, Rodriguez's dresses are a reflection of his personality, which is bold, fearless, and confident. / Made of: Various materials, ranging from silk to neoprene. What makes this stand out more is Rodriguez's use of metals, particularly bullet rims. / Best worn: For the independent woman who isn't afraid to be bold, literally.


6. Adante Leyesa's "Cocoon" handbags

Design Inspiration: Aside from the obvious inspiration which is the cocoon, Leyesa also incorporated Japanese Origami techniques in making his bags. / Made of: Different materials, ranging from lace and nylon mesh to upcycled rags (yes, you read that right!). / Best worn: To weekend brunch with your BFFs, or a poolside or beach event.


7. Jared Servano's "Albong" top

Design Inspiration: In awe with B'laan art, Servano reimagined the art of B'laan beadwork into wearable clothing. / Made of: Beads intricately put together by B'laan tribe members. / Best worn: Servano sees fearless women who are proud to wear B'laan artwork sporting his collection.


8. Michelline Syjuco's "Spectra" accessories collection

Design Inspiration: They are influenced by the paintings of her mother, visual artist Jean Marie Syjuco. / Made of: Brass dipped in gold or silver, with stones serving as accents. / Best worn: As a statement piece. "One piece would be enough to tie in with your everyday wardrobe," Syjuco suggests.


9. Lally Dizon's "Mariposa" handbags

Design Inspiration: They are inspired by the butterfly, and the intricate details of its wings. / Made of: Various leathers fashion from exotic skin such as crocodile or python, with gold-plated brass and stones forming the butterfly shape found in the bags. / Best worn: With your jetsetter ensembles, bring one along to your travels to boost your practical traveler style choices. "They would work well with a casual outfit and with evening wear," Dizon said.


10. Malou Romero's "Piek" accesories collection

Design Inspiration: A Red Box Design winner for fashion accessories, Romero's Piek collection is inspired by spikes that tribal groups would wear, interpreted in a contemporary way. / Made of: Howlite stones / Best worn: One piece at a time. Romero's advice? Pick one statement jewelry that you’ll want to wear, then wear simple jewelry pieces to complement your outfit. 


11. Micki Olaguer's "Mine" accesories collection

Design Inspiration: From elements found in mining, like mining shafts and mining pans. / Made of: Silver dipped in rose gold, accented with gemstones. / Best worn: With a simple black or white dress. The vintage yet contemporary vibe of his pieces add a quirky sophistication to any look.


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