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Fitness Inspo Tricia Santos: Health And Wellness Is An Inside Job!

Fitness Inspo Tricia Santos: Health And Wellness Is An Inside Job!

As a chef, I have a healthy love affair with food. For me, food is nourishment and love. We should enjoy what we eat. Growing up, I would watch my grandmother prepare delicious meals for our Sunday family gatherings and this inspired me a lot. I always told myself that one day, I’ll be good as my grandmother.

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My personal take on eating is that balance is key. I eat literally anything and everything. You just need to respect what your body wants and listen to what it’s asking for and then tailor your food choices accordingly. There are days when I feel that I need an energy boost so I eat a piece of fruit or vegetable and hydrate with lots of water. When my period is about to start, I get crazy junk food cravings so I give in to them, but within reasonable proportions. I’m only human. Obviously, you cannot eat liberal amounts of junk food and expect that your body will not react to what you’ve eaten in a certain way. 

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I haven’t worked out in a gym for almost a year. Currently, my lifestyle is active enough that I feel like I’m getting all the exercise that I need. Since I live on the beach, I go for a swim in the ocean every chance I get. I also walk a lot, up and down the hills of the province. Also, it helps that I had an extremely athletic background. I played a lot of competitive sports growing up -I was in my school’s basketball team in grade school and I was a varsity volleyball player for my university, even playing in the Philippine National Games. My years of training in those sports helped a great deal to shape my body into the frame I have now. 

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I've been such a huge proponent of what Mestiza stands for, even before our partnership. In many ways, we share many values that make our relationship with a natural fit. Mestiza is a huge proponent of cultivating the philosophy of self-love. As a brand, they believe that boosting one's confidence is a more authentic path to transcending into true beauty. In the same way, I believe that body positivity is very crucial. You have love yourself. Accept what you are and what you are not, what you can be and what you cannot be. Be realistic with your goals. For instance, dropping twenty pounds in one week is not only impossible, but it is also dangerous to your wellbeing. Respect your body, follow what it needs and improve at your own pace. Never compete with other people because other people are wired differently than you. Always compete with yourself.

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