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In Focus: Why Pansexual Actor Nico Tortorella Likes To Be Called 'They' Instead Of He Or She

In Focus: Why Pansexual Actor Nico Tortorella Likes To Be Called 'They' Instead Of He Or She

Editor's note: Since Nico Tortorella identifies as gender-fluid, pronouns they/them were used in the article to stand in for the actor.

Younger star Nico Tortorella realized they were pansexual when they discovered the word for it. “I’ve always known that I wasn’t one or the other—always, always, always since I was a little kid,” they told ABS-CBN Lifestyle. “I never really understood why one thing was okay and another thing wasn’t and why there were only two options.”

The actor identified as bisexual in high school, coming out rather casually in a conversation with friends. “My best friend came out to us all that he was gay and that 10 minutes, I was like, ‘Hey, by the way, I’m bisexual, too!”

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Since they started doing work for the queer community at large, they have since been trying to break down gender constructs and the binary. In fact, they walked the runway for last year’s New York Fashion Week at renowned designer Christian Siriano's show. “So much energy was put into the collection. What Christian is doing for inclusivity and sexuality is really in line with my messaging. It's about so much more than wearing a piece of clothing or even wearing a dress on the runway. It's a form of activism and anarchy at the same time,” they shared.

Tortorella have come to terms with different labels, their meaning and importance to a certain extent like where they are in the present. “We are all one. The singular is near. There is no race. There is no sexuality. There is no gender. Beautiful. Let’s get there,” they said, adding his thankfulness for having the ability to recognize the many sides of people and look past them. “I think that is the next set of transcendence. Hopefully we’ll all get farther in this life. Who knows?”

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