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Who's That Charmer?: Meet Nikki Gil's Adorable Son—Finn Albert!

Who's That Charmer?: Meet Nikki Gil's Adorable Son—Finn Albert!

When asked which parent her 18 month-old son Finn takes after, Nikki Gil Albert jokingly answers with a 50-50. “I want to say me but every mom would say that. There are days he looks more like his dad, so I guess it’s a fair combination. Nobody wins,” Nikki, who married BJ Albert in 2016 after three years of dating, told ABS-CBN Lifestyle at the first year anniversary event of SweetEscape.

The same goes for his personality, Nikki said, explaining how Finn is introverted and impatient as she is but shares the same inquisitive nature as that of her husband. She does, however, delight in her son laughing at the things she does—a telling sign of who he got his humor from.

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Nikki seems like any doting parent who likes documenting her kid's adventures—whether on Instagram or, yes,  via scrapbooks. “With Finn, I just leave him to play and if I see good lighting, or if his outfit’s cute, I take the photo,” the avid photo booker specified.

The posts are partly inspired by Nikki's hobbyist uncle, she said. “His saying is, ‘Take photos of the mundane when you’re at home. Take photos of him in his sando, him while he’s trying to help in the kitchen—everyday things.’”

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Want some adorable visuals? We gathered a couple of recent candid shots of Nikki and his little boy in the gallery above!

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Photographs taken from Nikki Gil's Official Instagram account



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