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In Focus: SharDon Moments We Think About A Lot

In Focus: SharDon Moments We Think About A Lot


In an industry full of hustle and bustle, we couldn't help but adore the friendships and relationships that were built here despite their hectic schedules! One of the tandems that we can't help but notice are Sharlene San Pedro and Donny Pangilinan who had been the closest of friends since the beginning of their MYX VJ days back in 2016. Although the two had admitted that they're just friends and actually see each other more as a sibling, fans can't help but ship these two, and we totally get why!  

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From their goofy moments to the way they show their support for each other, these two are definitely compatible. Plus, their height difference just makes them look ten times more adorable! If you wouldn't mind seeing these two in a teleserye together, swipe through our gallery and check out the times SharDon looked so good together!

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