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Meet the ABS-CBN Lifestyle Hotshots!

Meet the ABS-CBN Lifestyle Hotshots!

This summer, we'll hear it from the boys—the best in style, travel, food, and fitness (plus life wisdom!) in general, straight from some of the finest men in Manila. They're no basic hotties, mind you: Each one possesses that ubiquitous "substance" we're all looking for in men, and they're all accomplished in their respective fields, too! Better stay tuned to ABS-CBN Lifestyle throughout the summer to learn more about them and their season recos, from their tried-and-tested workout routines to who they're voting for in the coming presidential elections.

But first things first, click on the links to learn more about the men who made it to our first ever Lifestyle Hotshots roster (they're proof that yes, there are still hotties out there who go beyond being merely eye candy!):


Chino Roque, the First Filipino Astronaut


Inno Naguit, DJ


Iñigo Dulay, Crossfit Coach


Jason Go, Food Entrepreneur


Javi Lebron, Executive Producer


Javi Marcalain, Brand and Marketing Executive


Jose Unso, Pilot and Flight Instructor


Kit Guerra, Advertising Executive, Gym Owner. and DJ


Marco Yulo, Crossfit Coach


Mark Manicad, Advertising Executive


Mauro Lumba, Model and Actor


Miguel Lasala, Model and Financial Advisor


Miko Raval, Model, Actor, and Entrepreneur


Tonito de Ocampo, Advertising and Promotions for A Retail Conglomerate


Wil Dasovich, Travel Vlogger


Will Hsu, Entrepreneur


Produced by Katrina A. Angco / Photographs by Vyn Radovan / Styled by Barry Viloria and Camille Santiago / Makeup by Xy Eugenio for Inglot Cosmetics, Decerose Alpeche for M.A.C Cosmetics, and Eddie Mar Cabiltes / Special thanks to Niza Forschler, Castro PR, Margaux Salazar, Jamie Laciste, Jules Veloso, IC Mendoza, Lorenz Namalata, Karen Jardenil, Kate Paras, and PMAP; and Sam Lewis, Vanessa Vergara, and Gaby Azarcon of MAC Cosmetics / Shot on location at Citadines Salcedo, Tryst Studio Showroom, Todd English, and Astoria Plaza Ortigas




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