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In Focus: How Andi Eigenmann's Pregnancy Is Different This Time

In Focus: How Andi Eigenmann's Pregnancy Is Different This Time

Her acting days may be over (for now), but actress Andi Eigenmann still has a very important role that she keeps dearly: as a mom to both her seven-year-old daughter Ellie and her incoming baby girl with professional surfer Philmar Alipayo.

As her due date nears, Andi poured her excitement out to ABS-CBN Lifestyle at her recently held baby shower. (Baby brand Aprica, which holds similar star-studdent baby events, sponsored it.) “It’s been so fun in a sense that it’s easier this time because I’m older and, you know, it’s just something that everybody’s just excited about—especially me and Philmar,” said Andi.

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It's the same feeling too for Ellie, the former Agua Bendita star shared. “It’s really in her (Ellie) personality to be ‘ate material.’ At this point, she’s already thinking about the things that she wants to do with her sister; how she wants to dress similar daw, and the things that she wants to do in terms of contributing or helping out in taking care of her, changing the diaper, choosing the clothes.” 

Having to raise both a newborn and a toddler is already scaring Andi, who admitted that she had a bit of help raising Ellie back then. Andi, in fact, lived with her mom Jaclyn Jose at that time in 2011. "I had helpers, I had a yaya—I had everyone there to help me. Of course, I still took care of Ellie, but I had options.”

Though this time, she and Philmar have chosen to take in the full experience of raising their “extraordinary family” by themselves. "This time, it’s like, it’s gonna be my first time... He wants it just the two of us,” shared Andi, who has long let go of helpers at home, all of whom she referred to as "luxuries" she once had relished in. She's going to be an independent mother side by side an independent daughter, Andi further vowed. “Before, when I just let go of my help at home, it was so hard for me and Ellie... I wanted to learn these things for myself. It was just supposed to be temporary, but then it stuck that way because eventually, I realized that it really helped a lot with Ellie’s character. I like how the person she was becoming because of learning how to be independent.” 

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Andi said her freer sched has helped her manage the household better. “We were able to adjust, and it became a routine—how I do chores, how I plan out my day and include them, and Ellie helps out.” She added, “At this point, it’s just a breeze na lang for us. It’s a matter of fixing the schedule better, so that when we have a kid, for example the cooking (and) the cleaning, we’re preparing for those things.”

Besides finding her grip on her new system on her way to mastering motherhood, Andi also stressed the importance of having a nurturing partner close to her. Through Philmar, she gradually learned "how to be a minimalist, how to only have or keep the things that you need, and not over buying, at the same time learning how to organize and put everything in order," she paused. "So with that, there’s less clutter."

All said, Andi felt elated discovering the purpose and fulfillment motherhood has blessed her. "I thought that I can only manage to have one daughter—especially (since) I’m not the type who loves kids. But now that I’m having a second one, I’m thinking, ‘How will I portion out the love that I will give my children?’ But that’s not how it works pala, because when you’re a mom with your kids, kahit 10 pa yan, kaya mo mabigay yung 100 percent in each of them.”

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