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Love Actually: When Becky Nights' Jake Galvez Met His One Great Love On Facebook

Love Actually: When Becky Nights' Jake Galvez Met His One Great Love On Facebook

Before Facebook Dating even launched, beauty expert, entrepreneur, and "Becky Nights" podcast host Jake Galvez already found love on Facebook in fellow entrepreneur and fitness buff Martin De Leon. Jake started connecting with Martin five years ago, and the two have been inseparable since they took their relationship from online to offline.

Their story is an amazing, fortuitous one, says Jake. “I met him at the time I was really hopeless finding love again. I was sad and lonely after losing an ex from suicide,” Jake—who has created beautiful makeup looks for Maja Salvador, Kim Chiu, Janella Salvador, Nadine Lustre, and other stars over time—opens up to ABS-CBN Lifestyle. “But his presence and energy gave me so much joy. He made me realize that people may come into our lives but are not meant to be with us forever. Sometimes, they are meant to only teach us lessons. Not a day goes by that I do not thank the universe that I have met Martin.”

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For Martin's part, this relationship—his third—is his realest one thus far. “There wasn’t a need for me to get confirmation or approval from anyone about our relationship,” he declares. “They say third time’s a charm. Things just fell into place and lo and behold, we are already reaching our fifth year together.”

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Jake and Martin have been anything but shy when sharing their story to the world. (Their couple adventures even have a hashtag—#ThePangsTravels.) Although very open, they still do see a huge struggle among other Filipino LGBTQIA+ community members when it comes to living it "out." Hence, the couple's tenacity over the issue. “We must never stop fighting for what’s right. I don’t remain silent,” Jake shares. “Slowly but surely," Martin adds, hopeful of further progress.

Ultimately, Jake and Martin proudly support the local passage of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression Equality Bill. “There’s nothing more I want than to have equal rights as citizens of this country and to live a life that’s free of discrimination and express ourselves freely,” says Jake. “The LGBTQIA+ community has been struggling to pass the bill for over 18 years now and I am very sad it didn’t push through Congress. Our battle will never stop.”

“We should all remember that first and foremost, we are all human beings and the best way to show love is by being compassionate and caring regardless of other people’s beliefs,” Martin seconds.

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