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In Focus: Jasmine Curtis-Smith On How To Live Healthily—And Sustainably

In Focus: Jasmine Curtis-Smith On How To Live Healthily—And Sustainably

Jasmine Curtis-Smith easily looks the girl-next-door part, but surprisingly comes off as someone beyond it for her talent, intelligence, and cheerful disposition. As she lives her best life as what it seems online—surfing through the waves in La Union, traveling the world with businessman and boyfriend Jeff Ortega, or just getting pampered at home, she is also an outspoken activist for environmental and educational causes. It's a holistic lifestyle she promotes, she says.

“I read this book that taught me how to view my wellness, not just as in terms of physicality, but also mentally. If you have enough rest, if you eat the right food, that also affects how your outlook is and how you accept whatever challenges you have in the day,” Jasmine told ABS-CBN Lifestyle about how she's recently taking care of both her mind and body at her launch as Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa's newest endorser.

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One of the caveats of an acting career, Jasmine said, is sleep deprivation. And so for the one-time Cinema One Originals Best Actress, naps are a must. “I make sure I have enough time to sleep. Even at work, we’ve incorporated that in the last five years.  We’ve tried our best to talk to the people that we work with na they could also understand," she said. "Kunwari may magkasunod na schedules, if in between we could at least have eight hours of rest max, minimum of five, para naman we’re also well-prepared and ready to take on another 24 hours of shooting or taping or another full day of events, or what not.”

Like any adult, Jasmine said, it’s easy to get caught up in life’s day-to-day pressure that's altogether harmful in the long run. It's where self-care comes in, she then stressed. “In your 20s, it’s the (most) important stage to take care of your physicality,” she said, quoting older sister Anne Curtis-Smith who has long warned her about turning 30, “'Maghintay ka until you turn 30 kasi diyan ka mas mahihirapan to take care of your body, of your weight, of your figure, etc.' If you could do something now to prepare yourself for that, prevent that, then might as well do it now! It comes easier to do it as a reflex if you start to do it earlier. I think that’s important para hindi ka tamarin in the future.”

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But to live a healthy life does not always mean you need to deprive yourself; it's also about making conscious decisions, Jasmine mused. “I’m trying to enjoy myself lang when it comes to food so that it also reflects with my energy for the day. Kasi feeling ko rin it has a lot to do with your food. What you choose to eat, it affects how you feel,” she said. “May mga conscious decision pa rin to take something a little healthier, nothing too fatty, nothing too sugary. Merong mga bawi bawi here and there. Nothing too conscious or parang hindi ko naman masyadong gini-guilty sarili ko." 

Jasmine wrapped this holistic approach up by highlighting skincare. Yet, she admitted, she has yet to successfully promote a more nature-friendly, albeir-commercial way of taking care of one's skin. “It’s difficult because I think a lot of the products that we still consume are still made with a lot of plastic and a lot of things that might not be necessarily sustainable yet, because we don’t have a lot of proper channels of management here in the country to live sustainably just 100 percent,” she said.

No excuses, though, she followed up. “If you yourself can find ways such as segregation, even when it comes to your trash from your beauty products. And also just maximizing what you have. Kasi kapag bili ka ng bili, and that expires, hindi mo pa nagagamit, ang daming sayang—not just the product itself, but the packaging, the trash—you’re just adding more and more. So, I think it’s that, knowing your essential needs, and giving it a timeline also to use it para hindi ka rin nagsasayang ng money or ng product. So sustainable not just materially, but also financially.”

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