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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Sue Ramirez: This Is The Person I Will Fall In Love With

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Sue Ramirez: This Is The Person I Will Fall In Love With

Editor's note: Sue Ramirez has very specific ideas about love and her forever person. In this article, she discusses the traits of her future love and what it entails to be in a relationship with the young star.

I came from a five-year relationship—yung high school boyfriend ko, five years kami. We’re still good friends until now, we even check up on each other once in a while. It didn’t work out because we outgrew each other. We had different priorities. We’ve talked about it properly.

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Pag nag-jowa ako, tinuturing ko siyang pamilya. Kahit anong mangyari or kahit anong maling gawin nya, tatanggapin ko sya. Pamilya mo ba, kapag may maling ginawa, i-di-disown mo agad sila? It’s not like that if you consider a person part of your family. If you choose the person now, you have to choose them every day, whatever they do. 

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There are a lot of factors that makes a connection a romantic relationship. Love is a big one but more than that, it’s respect that plays a bigger role. You can respect without love but you can never love without respect. Looks don’t really matter to me. Looks will change, we all know that. If you’re going to be living with this person, you’re not gonna be looking at him all the time. I’m very into smart people so I want someone who can hold a conversation.

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If that person makes me feel safe, if that person makes me feel comfortable, and if I trust that person, these are the factors that would make me feel like this person is my person. I’m also a very family-oriented person. I want the person I love to be the same. I want him to put his family first and I want him to be God-fearing. Loyalty is also a big factor for me. If you cheat on me, iwan mo nalang ako. Because I will choose you every day and I want the same treatment for myself. Whatever rough path we go through, I would rather that the person I am with would choose to fix it with me rather than do something with someone else.

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Parang magandang idea for a first date yung pag akyat ng bundok. It’s really spontaneous! Nobody goes up on a mountain for a first date—it’s different! You get to see the person pag pagod siya. How does he hold a four-hour conversation while you’re trail hiking? How would he take care of you seeing that you’re tired? How would you feel taking care of him on that journey? You’re going to be loving a changing person every day. There will be changes happening. How are you going to embrace that? It’s nice to see right away what you’re going up against.

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Interview by Mels Timan, Banner image by Lui Jimenez



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