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In Focus: Jungkook Will Forever Be The Baby Of BTS, And Here's Proof!

In Focus: Jungkook Will Forever Be The Baby Of BTS, And Here's Proof!


BTS is celebrating their six years together as a group and ARMYs all over the world can't help but get all nostalgic and emotional. How can we not? It's absolutely crazy how time flies so fast that in just a blink of an eye, our Bangtan Boys—the RM who could've gone solo but didn't, the Jin who almost became an actor, the Suga who got tricked to debut as an idol instead of a rapper, the J-Hope who got close to being cut out from the group, the Jimin who went to Seoul without a clue of what awaits him, the V who auditioned on the spot while accompanying a friend, and the Jungkook who thought Namjoon was cool—now make up the globe's biggest boy band. What a relief, really.

They've grown so much and achieved even more. But while they have gone past handing out 200 flyers themselves to selling out stadiums, Bangtan remained the same boys with the same dreams from 2013.

And you know what else hasn't changed? Well, we've watched him become the sweetest, brigthest, and most genuine man that he is today, thanks to his hyungs. But Jungkookie is still BTS' (and every ARMY's) ultimate baby no matter what that even his age and buffness can't hide it! Not to make you cry but we've got proof in the gallery above and you can feel free to swipe through. Soft hours open!

PS: Better late than never, happy six years with our home BTS and our golden maknae, JK!

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