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Love Actually: Jake Zyrus On Building A Family With Fan-Turned-Fiancée Shyre Aquino

Love Actually: Jake Zyrus On Building A Family With Fan-Turned-Fiancée Shyre Aquino

Many have daydreamed about meeting their favorite celebrities and being with them at one point. While it was thought to be nearly impossible, the stars seemingly aligned for musician and proud transman Jake Zyrus and girlfriend Shyre Aquino who have been engaged since November 2018.

“She started as a fan and I only met her in one of my shows,” Jake told ABS-CBN Lifestyle, describing their story as an unexpected love that happened at the perfect time. Theirs is a relationship following the 'Opposites attract' narrative, he further revealed. “She is the outgoing type of person and I describe myself as an introvert.” Nonetheless, “We both have learned to walk in each other’s shoes and manage to be the best versions of ourselves.”

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In a country tuned in heavily on technology but ironically a bit retrogressive in terms of beliefs regarding the complexities of sexuality, Jake and Shyre have inevitably caught the ire of social media onlookers. His being a celebrity specifically, of course, added fuel to the fire. “I guess every celebrity has or I must say everyone has, as if this is a new trend,” the artist mused about receiving these nasty messages. “Surprisingly, in my experience, most people who send hurtful words, when I check their profiles, share about fighting stress, anxiety, and depression. It only shows that those who hurt other people are hurt as well.”

They have thus chosen to shrug it off, focusing on their relationship and spending time with those who love and accept them for exactly who they are. Jake shared how they keep their romance strong and pulsating, “Respect and understand each other’s beliefs, reach your dreams together, and enjoy success with the people who believe in you when no one else does.”

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Jake came honest about having quite uncertain future given the socio-political climate hovering the LGBTQ community. (This, especially with the Senate disapproving the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression or SOGIE Bill after 902 days since its sponsorship.) Yet, he's always been sure of building a love- and happiness-filled future with Shyre. “I don’t know what the future brings but I am looking forward to marrying the woman I love and be with the family I choose."

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Photographs sent by Jake Zyrus' handler Carl Cabral



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