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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Sue Ramirez: What I Do As Korea Tourism Ambassador

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Sue Ramirez: What I Do As Korea Tourism Ambassador

Editor's note: Sue Ramirez's love affair with all things Korean has made her the perfect choice to be chosen as the honorary Tourism Ambassador to the country. The young influencer gives us a sneak peek into her experiences in the country. 

My role as an honorary tourism ambassador to Korea is so easy. I just need to encourage Filipinos to go to Korea which is not that hard because... who are we kidding? Filipinos love everything Korean! They love Korean cosmetics, KDrama, KPop—anything Korean! Filipinos are so hooked to anything Korean that they only need a little push to book that flight and experience Korea for themselves.

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Among all the wonderful places in Korea, I would recommend Busan. Seoul is beautiful and there’s a lot of places to go to there, but I think Busan is the whole package! Everywhere you go, it’s just beautiful and very clean! You can take pictures anywhere, even in the market. The Cherry Blossom Festival in Busan makes it perfect to go in spring for the beautiful cherry blossoms. During the season, it just rains pink petals everywhere! It’s just a masterpiece to look at!

Korean food is also nothing less than amazing. I love tteokbokki—a Korean street food that’s a spicy rice cake. When I was in Korea with Pia Wurtzbach a few months ago, lagi niya akong nakikita na may ganun. Paulit ulit ko siyang kinakain kasi masarap talaga siya. I also like Haemul Pajeon, a kind of seafood pancake which is really, really good, too!

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I lived in Korea for a month while shooting for Sunshine Family—and it was a wonderful experience. Our directors and the production crew were Korean so we needed a translator on the set. Mas matagal namin syang ginawa because there was a lot of adjustment dahil sa language barrier. More than the language barrier and the cultural differences, I think one of the biggest challenges was coping with the weather. Ang init-init ng bansa natin kaya syempre, hindi tayo sanay sa malamig. The movie was set during early autumn, but we had to shoot it at late autumn nung papasok na yung winter. There were times na nag-i-snow so we had to pack up our shoots since it was impossible to shoot in the snow to wear short shorts and all the other stuff. The Korean crew took care of us talaga when we were there and we’re just so thankful sa mga Koreans na nakatrabaho namin, they were so good and so patient with us.

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