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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Sue Ramirez: Discovering The Music In Me

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Sue Ramirez: Discovering The Music In Me

Editor's note: As with all musical greats, Sue Ramirez discovered her latent love and talent for singing early on. Here. Sue reminisces about her beginnings as a young singer weaned on a musical diet of her parents' music and her explorations into the craft of writing her own songs. 

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I started very very young, singing karaoke with my family—that’s how I got into singing. I was the typical Filipino child who observed all of the adults in the family doing karaoke and got into it. Kahit mga regular days lang at home, nag-ka-karaoke yung mom ko pag trip nya, so I sang with her. She liked singing “Leader Of The Band,” mga ganong types of songs, alam na alam nya yan! Ngayon, she loves singing Bon Jovi—yung “Bed Of Roses” paborito nya.

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Yung kinalakihan ko talaga is mainly old songs, the ones that my dad used to listen to and to sing in karaoke—tipong Elvis Presley, the Carpenters. The first ever song I sang on karaoke is “You” by the Carpenters. That’s how I found out I can actually sing. I loved singing Celine Dion songs when I was a kid kasi abot ko pa yung mga nota. Kapag bata ka, mataas pa yung boses kasi!

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Today, I love Lady Gaga. Ever since noong "Poker Face" time nya I really looked up to her and her vocals. She’s different and I like to think that I’m different, too. Yung pagka-weird nya, it’s in a positive way. She stands out in all of the events she goes to and that’s something I want to do for myself—to be different, to stand out all the time.

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Since I was in high school, I tried writing songs of my own but I never got the courage to put it out there. I wanted to gravitate into writing deep stuff. For now, I write more about my own experiences. I think every writer naman started with that. Ayoko muna magsulat about other people because that’s just wrong! Ha ha! Hugot muna for myself!

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I’m really shy to show what I’ve done to other people so, hindi ko alam if it’s good enough. I really can’t judge —kasi syempre I can’t say if what I did is great because self-praise is no praise. I don't know, maybe someday, I’ll be more confident about showcasing my work. I just need the proper push for it.

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Interview by Mels Timan, Banner image by Lui Jimenez



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