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Lifestyle Hotshots: Wil Dasovich, Travel Vlogger

Lifestyle Hotshots: Wil Dasovich, Travel Vlogger

What’s the funniest misconception you’ve heard about yourself? "First, in my videos, I spoke the gay lingo. Initially, when I came out, people think I’m gay. Second, I hear the wildest things like I am from South American or a Bumbay. It’s always funny to hear people guess where I’m from."

Do you prefer the smart or the beautiful girl? "Definitely the smart one. But mostly, someone who can make me laugh. It doesn’t matter how how beautiful a girl is; I was dating, like, who I thought was the most beautiful girl but you’ll always get tired of it no matter how beautiful they are on the outside. What really matters, as cliché as it sounds, is personality."

What would you never wear and why? "Something really stylish. I would never spend money on something really nice or for clothes that are really expensive because I’m a practical person. I only wear what I need and what fits me. I don’t really try and go all out. If I’m going to spend money, it would be something more important to me like camera equipment or anything for traveling. Something that will help me travel and create more videos to share with everyone else."

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from traveling the Philippines? "The biggest thing I learned about myself is what I’m passionate about: It’s a combination of making videos and making people laugh. That’s the whole reason I’m still in the Philippines to stay. It started when I graduated college and I went on vacation for a couple of months. Then all these opportunities arose and I just found out how people really enjoy them. I learned my passion is entertaining."


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Produced by Katrina A. Angco / Photographs by Vyn Radovan / Styling Barry Viloria and Camille Santiago / Interview by Mariel Abanes / Grooming by Eddie Mar Cabiltes / Shot on location at Citadines Salcedo




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