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Love Actually: Celeb Hairstylist Renz Pangilinan And His LDR Story With American Beau Adam Lewis

Love Actually: Celeb Hairstylist Renz Pangilinan And His LDR Story With American Beau Adam Lewis

Celebrity hairstylist Renz Pangilinan and his American partner Adam Lewis found love just last year at a Halloween party, when he first flew to Hong Kong with friends Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia, Kylie Verzosa, and Adrianne Concepcion. “We were both dressed up in costumes and we had an amazing time together. We started dating since then,” Renz, whose showbiz clientele includes Coleen, Kylie, Pia Wurtzbach, Megan Young, Solenn Heussaff, and Lovi Poe, tells ABS-CBN Lifestyle. “We’re really new and fresh—just six months, but it feels so much more.”

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Renz and Adam find common ground in fashion, travel, and movies, despite differing in backgrounds and cultures. It’s all good, though, with both saying how they learn something new from each other day by day. The two even claim their long distance relationship helps their love thrive, meeting once or twice a month in Manila, Hong Kong, or elsewhere. “We help each other understand our world views. We are wiling to live in different countries and still make time to see each other, talk, and travel,” says Adam, operations coordinator of international clothing brand All Saints in Asia. Renz adds, “No matter how far we are, we are still able to connect and show how much we love each other.”

As a gay couple, Renz and Adam beam over their loved ones who have always been supportive of their young relationship. This, despite experiencing bigotry outside their circles, they stress. “I’ve had my fair share of injustices and bullying,” Renz shares. “I am still afraid to hold hands in public or show any PDA outside of a safe gay space,” Adam adds.

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Renz and Adam remain hopeful for the passage of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression Equality Bill in the Philippines. “I think we all deserve to be treated equally, no matter our gender orientation. People have got to start loving and appreciating what really matters,” stresses Renz, adding it's best to respond to opponents by "educating over fighting" them.

The fearless pair, however, stands optimistic over a happy future, with plans of traveling the world and living together while raising "maybe puppies."

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Photographs sent by Renz Pangilinan



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