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#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Sue Ramirez: My Go-To Makeup Looks

#ABSCBNLifestyleInspo Sue Ramirez: My Go-To Makeup Looks

Editor's note: When one thinks of glamour and sheen, Sue Ramirez comes to mind. The young star seems to have nailed the stellar luminosity that graces most of the celebrity MOOTD of late. In her own words, Sue dishes out some of her secrets to her radiance!

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Glow? Yes, I’m naturally oily, guys! Ha ha!

Kidding aside, I’m super basic lang. My go-to make up look is sunblock. I don’t use face powder or mascara. To cover my blemishes, I use tinted sunblock. Also, kilay is life and lip tints, too!

When on cam, my glam team and I like to experiment! We go Korean makeup, we go really dark—basta kahit ano. Naghahanap kami ng pegs tapos nagsesendan kami ng mga pictures online. I don’t box myself with just one look, I get bored easily!

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Banner image by Kang Garcia | Interview by Mels Timan



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